We took the hassle out and put the easy in…

Save Time

A single Sterling Commissary Teller cashier kiosk from Sterling Commissary Services, LLC in the lobby of your jail can virtually eliminate the time consuming task of receiving inmate deposits. The Sterling Commissary Teller system allows family members to quickly and easily make cash or credit card deposits into an inmate’s trust fund account – without wasting your officers’ time. It has also proven itself with a drastic reduction of money coming in the mail.

The Sterling Commissary Teller is as easy to use as a vending machine, yet can save hundreds of correctional facility officer hours per year.

Total Integration

The Sterling Commissary Teller system is completely integrated with the Lockdown Resident Banking System. This means that inmate deposits put into the Sterling Commissary Teller will automatically be deposited into inmate accounts. Your staff will only need to count the cash, and verify the total.

As an added benefit, the system’s integrated tracking removes opportunities for employee errors, keeping the cash more secure.