The Sterling Commissary Difference

Each of our customers receives the kind of service that is the cornerstone of the American business philosophy. Sterling Commissary has the flexibility to create a new kind of inmate commissary and banking program for you and your employees.

Since 2001 we have achieved remarkable success growing to be one of the largest commissary companies in the area. Integrity, honesty and commitment are held to the highest standard, creating a mix of successful ingredients for our customers. The team at Sterling Commissary will tailor our services to meet the specific needs and objectives of each customer.

As a company, Sterling Commissary has taken great pride in our outstanding customer service record and is committed to continuing this in our everyday business practice. Several customers have expressed their satisfaction regarding our service and are more than willing to share their experience with you.

A little about us…

Our packages are designed to be installed in most facilities with no cost to the County or State, but still allow you to generate profits. Browse through our website and see what products we can provide your facility.

The Sterling Commissary software is the newest design on the market. Our hardware allows your staff to be more productive with fewer mistakes than ever before.

Our focus is on complete customer service with total customer satisfaction. Any company can be a hardware and software provider, but we take it to another level. There is no third party hardware company or call center to answer your phone calls. When a problem arises, you talk to us and we fix it.

Call Sterling Commissary today at: 254-708-0091