Booking areas are always busy, and most cash counting errors will happen here. Our booking Money Manager solves this issue. The drawer is closed every time the Money Manager is emptied, and a new drawer is immediately opened, so it can be used continually. Among its many features, the booking Money Manager:

  • Accepts cash and coin during booking
  • Tracks all deposits during each shift
  • Allows booking deposits to be cleared at shift end
  • The Money Manager will automatically post the money to the Resident’s account
  • Reduces the workload, completely eliminates the need for Officers to handle money
  • Enhanced security features guard against counterfeit money or foreign coins
  • FREE for your Facility
  • Easy to use, easy to install

Your facility’s Accounting Department will benefit from the Booking Money Manager. The Money Manager produces reports necessary for your Accounting Department to keep track of new account opening, and the amount of money being deposited into each account. Cash no longer has to change hands multiple times to place money in an inmate’s account. The Money Manager deposits the money in one easy step.