Simplify daily task with breakthrough flexibility and zero effort

Phone Ordering Breakthrough

Lockdown is the industry leader in flexible ordering solutions. Our latest leap in technology delivers the unthinkable – commissary orders received with zero effort from your staff and zero hardware investment!

Our exclusive commissary by phone system eliminates all the time spent handing out order forms, picking them up, aligning sheets, and fixing mistakes. Inmates are accountable for their commissary orders. Even better, since the inmates place orders through the existing inmate telephone system, there are no expensive pod kiosks to purchase. While Lockdown supports both of these great ordering methods, phone ordering is a breakthrough which offers our partners tremendous opportunities for efficiency.

  • Effortless for Officers
  • Eliminates Inmate Balance Questions
  • Reads Inmate Deposit and Billing History
  • Removes Ordering Confusion

OMR Bubble Scanning

Of course, Lockdown supports industry standard bubble sheet scanning. Using reliable Scantron IN4 OMR scanners, you can achieve high accuracy with little effort. In fact, Lockdown is the most tightly integrated software package available on the market. Instead of forcing your staff to use two separate programs, Lockdown ties everything together in one package using a single button.

Flexible Restrictions

Lockdown combines these ordering options with the industry’s most flexible restriction package. For ultimate control, Lockdown provides an unlimited number of restrictions that can identify restricted inmates based on medical condition, privilege level, age, sex, housing location or other criteria. Once flagged, the inmate can be limited based on the number of items, sale amount, product group, or recent order history. No matter how commissary is ordered, you are in control.