Secure Booking

Booking areas would be more secure without the inmates, right? Using the Sterling Commissary innovative credit card bonding program, your staff will be able to process cash bond payments with credit cards. Each transaction takes only seconds with no need to use a slow fax machine. By accelerating the bonding process, few offenders will be filling your booking space waiting for family members to bring money. Thanks to Lockdown, you can relieve tension and safeguard your booking area by lowering your inmate to officer ratio.

Credit Card Processing

Is your facility still a cash only operation? Lockdown fluid credit and debit card solution allows you to improve your fines and restitution collections by offering a more convenient payment option. In other cases, inmates can also pay for medical charges or fund their commissary account with a credit card if they don’t have cash available.

Improving your offender’s access to funds can reduce the number of indigent inmates. Once they fund their commissary account using a credit card, your facility doesn’t have to provide as many free hygiene supplies. No more budget drains, inmates can purchase what they need.

Security in the booking area and safety for your facility – we absorb the fraud risk so there is no liability for you.

Kiosk Bonding

Lockdown integrated kiosk system can assist with bonding too! Family members can pay bonds with cash, credit, or debit cards using our Sterling Commissary Teller Lobby Kiosks. Not only does it make the process faster, your officers don’t have to process the payment.