Resident Reports

  • Balances
  • Balances + Housing
  • Resident List
  • Debt
  • Aging Debt
  • Resident Housing
  • Indigents
  • Savings
  • Scheduled Payments
  • Release


  • Balance
  • Check Posting
  • Product Sales
  • Balance Details
  • Checks Written
  • Unpaid Billing
  • Money Receipts
  • Resident Debt
  • Debt Collection
  • Resident Billing
  • Resident Collections
  • Resident Credits
  • Profit
  • Cash Disbursements
  • Debt Write-Offs
  • Invoices
  • Item Sales by Product
  • Sales Tax


  • Balance
  • Main Balance
  • Checks
  • Balance Details
  • Main Balance Details
  • Money Receipts
  • All Debt
  • Debt by Fund
  • Unpaid Debt
  • Restrictions
  • Product Orders
  • Housing History
  • ID History
  • Debt Letter
  • Debt Write-Offs

User Reports

  • Money Receipts w/ Add #
  • Profit and Loss
  • Cash Drawer Transactions
  • Cash Disbursements
  • Billing and Credits
  • User List

Financial Reports

  • Trial Balance
  • Simple Trial Balance
  • Resident Balances
  • Trial Balance w/ Sub
  • Simple Trial Balance w/ Sub
  • Deposits
  • Balance Sheet
  • Outstanding Checks
  • Checks Written
  • Balance Sheet w/ Sub
  • Check Postings
  • Money Receipts
  • Money Receipts w/ Add #
  • Profit and Loss
  • Cash Drawer Transactions
  • Cash Disbursements
  • Money Counts
  • Invoice Profit
  • Invoice Sales by Loc
  • Inventory End Value
  • Fund Income Summary
  • Debt Write-Offs
  • Fund Checks Written
  • Check Register



NOTE: There are many variations and other additional reports not listed here.


Features of Stellar Services, LLC Inmate Accounting Services

Account Merging Easily fix duplicate accounts by merging inmate accounts.
Admission Kits Issue and charge for admission kits automatically.
Advanced Fix Technology Saves time and frustration. Mistakes happen so why not make them painless to correct.
Automated Payments Collect daily or weekly for fees such as work release or electronic monitoring.
Billing/receivables Create unlimited billing categories, set collection percentages and priorities, and recover costs from inmates.
Bond Tracking Track bonds, payments, and checks to bonding agencies.
Cash Receipts Quickly receive money from booking or a receipt window. Instead of jumping between screens, our single smooth process ensures money receipts are finished in record time.
Check Escheating Uncashed checks can be voided in a single operation. Check Writing – Write and print checks directly from the system. If desired, an electronic signature can even be printed at the same time.
Check Reconciliation Graphical check reconciliation requires only a few minutes per month. Enter your statement information, double-click the cleared items, and you’re finished! (If your bank supports it, we can also perform automatic reconciliations.)
Commissary Ordering Scanners, phone ordering, hand keying – no matter how you want to enter orders, Stellar Services, LLC provides the most powerful and convenient features available.
Commissary Restrictions Flexible commissary restrictions let you decide what your inmate can purchase. Medical, housing, age, and privilege restrictions are just a few options.
Comprehensive Reports Stellar Services, LLC provides an amazing array of reports that puts every aspect of trust fund accounting at your fingertips.
Credits Effortlessly return inmate money from incorrect billing or unreceived commissary orders.
Credit Card Payments Pay bonds, restitution, or make deposits into inmate accounts using credit cards – with no risk to your facility.
Debt Collection Letters Print debt collection letters for mail- outs to increase collections from released prisoners.
GAAP Compliance Protects your accounting system and ensures audit success.
Group Billing Apply bills to many inmates at once for common charges.
Group Payments Pay many inmates at once for things such as payroll.
Group Release Release a group of inmates to transfer to another facility with a single check.
Indigent Tracking Flexible rules define who is indigent and what they receive.
Phone Cards Track phone card inventory and issue to inmates.
Profit Sweeps Transfer money to the county from several funds with a single transaction each month.
Property Tracking Track incoming property, locations, and releases.
Receipt Printing Automatic receipt printing with all relevant information about the transaction and a signature space at the bottom. Laser, thermal, and tractor printers are all supported.
Tax Collection Accurately collect sales tax and prepare remission forms.
User Security Feature level security allows you to control which officers have access to receive money, bill inmates, write checks, or access other parts of the system.