Sterling Commissary presents pre-assembled packs as another way to help you reduce your correctional facility costs or to help raise more revenue from your inmate commissary program.

Indigent Packs

The Indigent Packs provide the County with a means of supplying incarcerated indigent residents with items that are considered necessities. Indigent Packs typically contain personal hygiene items and/or writing materials. Lockdown allows an Indigent Pack to be set up so that it can be ordered and delivered with regular commissary orders. The Sterling Commissary Indigent Pack program allows you to have little or no stock on-site, reducing waste and cost.

The Indigent Pack program will save your correctional facility time and money by customizing a schedule for dispersing only the items indigent residents really need. Initially, each indigent inmate will receive a pack filled with necessities – hygiene and writing items. Subsequent packs will include only items that need to be repeated each week. Products such as combs and toothbrushes can be omitted. No more staff time will be spent on indigent needs. When your staff distributes the commissary orders the indigent packs are handed out as well.

Snack Packs

Sterling Commissary’s Snack Packs provides inmates with snack items to get through till the next delivery of commissary. Typical items included in the Snack Packs are candy bars, chips, ramen soup and a beverage. This can also be an additional source of revenue for those short-term residents who do not get commissary, such as your weekend bookings.

Other packs are available

  • Intake Kits
  • Admission Kits
  • Resident Packs
  • Weekender Packs

We have many great packs already designed that will work for your facility.